Your answer to the question  “What’s for Dinner?”




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Dinner Deals are the perfect solution to the “what’s for dinner” dilemma. Just pick which meals you want delivered this week, and sit back and relax as new meals show up at your doorstep every week. Get ready to spend more time on the things you care about!

Here’s what you’ll get with Dinner Deals

You pick the meals you want to start out with, and then we swap in new meals every week.


Your first order cannot be changed, but from then on, you have until the weekly ordering deadline (Wednesday at midnight!) to edit which meals you're receiving on the next Monday, skip your next delivery, or cancel.


Each plan is based on how many meals you want each week:

2+ meals per week = 5% discount
3+ meals per week = 10% discount
4+ meals per week = 10% discount + free delivery after week 1

Delivery for greater Des Moines metro will always be on Monday in the 3-7pm window unless we are closed for a holiday! Ames customers receive their meals on Tuesdays.

Dinner Deals are not eligible for pickup — oh darn, I have to sit back and let my meals come to me!

2 meals 5% off

3 meals 10% off

4 meals 10% off free delivery