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The Fresh Meal menu changes weekly. Menus are posted every Thursday, orders are due by midnight Wednesdays, and deliveries made the following Monday. The next delivery is on January 31. These dinners come fully prepped, seasoned and ready to cook! Most of our fresh meals are freezer-ready, so stock up! 

For dietary considerations, GF, DF, and vegetarian options are available and clearly labelled, as are spice levels. (1=a baby could eat it, 3 means spice wimps should steer clear)

Need more than one or two? Head on over to our Dinner Deals page to check out our most popular option! The Dinner Deals bundle is officially your best value with 4 weeks of dinner ordered all at once, with 10% off and only a single delivery fee even though you're getting 4 separate deliveries!

Our delivery fees are distance-based, but any order of $150+ is eligible for a flat fee. Want more information about our deliveries? Read up here!

The next regular delivery is Monday, January 31, between 2 and 7 pm.