How much is this going to cost me?

How much is this going to cost me?

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you have to dig and dig to figure out what something is going to cost you? It’s the first thing we all wonder when we consider buying anything, and yet many companies hide their prices, as if being transparent will scare customers off. You know what scares me off? Hiding prices! If I’m thinking of going to a restaurant and search their menu online, if the prices are removed, I’m instantly 90% sure I’m not going to that restaurant.

Of course, it’s different with an online business like ours — the price is right there as you’re adding meals to your cart. But we’d still love to talk about how we price things so you know what’s all involved!

When we’re talking about our regular weekly meal deliveries, these come in sets of 3, 6, or 9, and it’s no surprise that we incentivize you to get the bigger sets. You’ll pay the regular per-meal price when you get a 3-pack, but you’ll automatically get 10% off if you order a 6-pack, or 15% off if you order a 9-pack. 

But what does it actually cost?

No matter what, you can expect to pay about $4-$6 per serving, depending on your order. We offer full size meals (4-6 adult servings … how hungry the eaters are in your house will determine if this is 4 or 6 servings!) for $25, $30, or $35, and half size meals (2-3 adult servings) for $15, $17, or $19. 

What determines which tier a meal is at? Well, it’s partly the type of protein and how many ingredients are involved, but even more than that, it’s how many finishing ingredients we need to portion out and send along with your delivery. If a meal needs a package of tortillas, 8 oz of shredded cheese, and a can of refried beans on top of the main meal, it’s going to cost a bit more!

So how do you get that $4 - $6 per serving figure? 

To go with the middle ground, let’s say you chose a 6-pack and the meals you selected were all $30 — that would be $180, but you’d get a 10% discount, making your total $162. If we go with 5 servings per meal, that’s 30 servings, so $5.40 per person. And remember, delivery and all of those mealtime ingredients / toppings are included with this price, so this is your all-in cost!

So — could you eat for cheaper? Sure! Depending on how you do it, DIY meal prep, regular daily cooking, or buying boxed / convenience foods at the grocery store are most definitely cheaper. You can totally buy a box of spaghetti noodles for $1.50, a jar of sauce for $3, and a pound of ground beef for $4 and feed a family of 4 … and there are worse ways to eat dinner!

But can you eat cheaper at this level of convenience and have actual healthy meals made with whole foods? I don’t know of anything, but I’m open to learning! 

Are we for you?

Depending on your situation, these prices might sound totally worth it to you, or you might not be so sure. I completely get where $30 for a family-sized dinner might sound like a lot to some people — and if you’re the type who loves cooking and menu planning, and you excel at optimizing a food budget, then it is definitely more than you’re already spending. But honestly, if that’s you, then our company might not be the best fit for you! 

If you’re more like the person who is exhausted after a long day of work and still has to run the kids back and forth to swimming practice while magically fitting in a healthy meal, these prices are probably sounding like a bargain right now. Your reality right now is that you either stress over what to cook in the 20 free minutes you have, or you suffer from mom guilt over the fast food you felt stuck ordering. If this describes you, then we probably are exactly the right fit for you! You probably already understand that you spend a minimum of $40 every time life forces you into grabbing Jimmy John’s for a family of 5, and that’s if no one got chips or drinks! And have I ever gotten away with skipping the chips for my kids? Nope! 

What have you got to lose?

Here’s how I look at it. Give us a try — you’re not risking much! A 3-pack as a trial would cost you about $85-ish if you’re doing full size meals (only about $50-ish for half-size), and I promise you spend that (or more!) on one trip to a restaurant. So save that restaurant money, get yourself 3 whole dinners for next week, and see what you think … and then let us know!

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